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The following gallery showcases Axis 3 Architect’s design work featuring the Santa Fe style architecture.

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Custom Residential – Santa Fe Style


Santa Fe Style Architecture for your New Custom Home in Southern California

The Sante Fe style has a rich history and is a blend of Native American, Hispanic, Anglo, European, and American styles. Sante Fe style architecture is easily distinguished by the Pueblo-style adobe exterior, flat roofs, symmetrical shapes, thick plastered walls, exposed rounded large natural wood beams or Vigas, square windows, large carved wood doors, and earth colored tones. 

Some Key Characteristics Of the Santa Fe Style Architectural Design

  • Flat roofs
  • Enclosed fireplaces and courtyards
  • Rounded edges
  • Square windows and symmetrical shapes
  • Exposed wooden beams and supports
  • Visible hand crafted wooden features
  • Nichos or recessed shelf opening in the walls
  • Bancos or benches built into walls

This unmistakable style is constructed using natural materials that would have been available to indigenous people such as adobe bricks, natural cement, stucco, and wooden beams. Sante Fe style exteriors have covered walkways that are supported by wooden pillars with tiled roofs. The outdoor area features an enclosed courtyard with rounded walls that are covered with a stucco finish. 

The interior has easily distinguishable built-in amenities such as “bancos” or benches and “nichos” or shelfs. This style also includes an enclosed fireplace in the central living area. The decor of the home emphasizes organic earth-colored materials that blend the home with the environment. 

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