Our work in Tuscan style on custom residential buildings

Tuscan Style homes Gallery

The following gallery showcases Axis 3 Architect’s design work featuring the Tuscan style architecture.

California Properties with Tuscan & Mediterranean Architecture

Tuscan Style Home in Southern California Calle Velardo

Tuscan & Mediterranean – Calle Velardo

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Tuscan and Mediterranean Style Architecture Southern California - Calle Sereno

Tuscan & Mediterranean – Calle Sereno

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Tuscan Style Home in Temecula, California on De Portola Rd.

Tuscan & Mediterranean – De Portola

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Tuscan Estate California - Renaissance

Tuscan & Mediterranean – Renaissance

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Wine Country Temecula Tuscan Architecture on Tuscan Estate

Tuscan & Mediterranean – Via Del Monte

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Tuscan Style Designs

Custom Residential – Tuscan Style Homes


Tuscan Style Architectural Design Work in Southern California for your Custom Home Design

Tuscan style blends artistic Old World craftsmanship with the elegance of modern refinements. Rustic natural materials are used to integrate the home with its natural surroundings and cause the home to feel warm while remaining cool. Indoor and outdoor living spaces are designed to create an open airy feeling that accentuate air flow and heighten the connection to nature. 

Key Characteristics of Tuscan Style Residential Architecture 

  • Sturdy earth colored natural stone exteriors and stone accented interiors
  • High vaulted textured ceilings with exposed wood beams
  • Wooden or stone walkways that often include mosaics 
  • Terracotta or stone roof tiles
  • Heavy carved wooden doors with wrought iron trim
  • Open airy floor plans with lots of windows to provide natural light
  • Prominent sturdy looking columns leading to outdoor relaxation areas

Outdoor spaces feature relaxation areas like patios, porticos, or loggias and lush garden areas that often include beautiful mosaics and/or pools. Exterior walls are created with natural limestone, sandstone, travertine, or marble and create the appearance of a sturdy yet peaceful retreat.

Tuscan architectural design is distinguished by rounded arched entryways, low pitch roofs, earth colored stucco exterior accented with natural stone trim, natural stone walkways or beautiful hardwood floors, ornate carved wooden doors, high vaulted textured ceilings, terracotta or stone roof tiles, hand crafted exposed wooden beams, ornate wrought iron trim, elegant marble fireplaces, and prominent columns supported by sturdy looking round or square bases.