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Modern Contemporary Architecture Southern California

Contemporary & Modern

Prairie Ranch Style Architecture - Thumbnail

Prairie & Ranch

Spanish Mission Architecture - Southern California

Spanish Mission & Santa Fe

Mediterranean Tuscan Style Property - Tuscan Architecture California

Mediterranean & Tuscan

Federal Colonial Style Architecture California

Federal & Colonial

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Custom Home Designs

Axis 3 Architects is a Southern California based Custom Home Architect. Our team carefully collaborates with you to create a stunning home design that blends your vision and what is possible with the property. 

Our team can help you design a home in a variety of styles including:

      • Contemporary & Modern 
      • Mediterranean & Tuscan 
      • Priarie & Ranch
      • Spanish Mission & Santa Fe, among others 

We work with you to formulate an ideal floor plan and site plan based on your individual needs, vision, and budget. We utilize state of the art 3D modeling technology to compose your desired style without compromising aesthetics or functionality. Our interactive technology allows you to see your developing project come to life as changes and improvements are made throughout the design process. 

Our team will design your project considering factors such as solar exposure, heat gain and loss, Solar Energy Systems, Solar Shading, and Energy Efficiency, utility uses, and energy demands. LEED program and certification are available as determined by site, property owner, building officials, and budget requirements/constraints. 

Once the 3D modeling is completed and approved by all parties we begin the process of creating all necessary construction documents detailing how the project will be built and completed. The result is a personalized property that you will love for years to come. View Custom Home Designs below.

Modern & Contemporary Style Architecture in Southern California

Modern & Contemporary Style Designs

Custom Residential Homes in the Modern & Contemporary Style

Prairie & Ranch Style Architecture in Southern California

Prairie & Ranch Style Designs

Custom Residential Homes in the Prairie & Ranch Style 


Spanish Mission & Santa Fe Style Architecture in Southern California

Spanish Mission & Santa Fe style designs

Custom Residential Architecture – Spanish Mission & Santa Fe Styles


Mediterranean & Tuscan  Style Architecture in Southern California

Tuscan Style Designs

Custom Residential – Mediterranean & Tuscan Style Homes


Federal & Colonial Style Architecture in Southern California

Federal & Colonial Style Designs

Custom Residential – Federal & Colonial Style Homes