Our work in NEo-Mediterranean style design on custom residential buildings

NEO-Mediterranean Style homes Gallery

The following gallery showcases Axis 3 Architect’s design work featuring the Neo-Mediterranean style architecture. 

Neo-Mediterranean Style Designs

Custom Residential Homes in the Neo-Mediterranean style


Neo-Mediterranean Home design for Residences in Southern California

Neo-Mediterranean style (Neo-Med) is a combination of Italian, Greek, Spanish, and Moroccan architecture that has been influenced by contemporary North American design. The exterior is typically white stucco or pink rather than the rusted adobe Southwest colors. The defining characteristics of Neo-Mediterranean style are low-pitched roofs with red tiles, stucco siding, woodwork throughout the home, large wood carved doors, and arches above doors, windows, and pillared porches. 

Some of the Key Characteristics Of the Neo-Mediterranean Residential style

  • Arches over doorways and windows
  • Low-pitched roofs with red tiles
  • Pillared porches and terraces 
  • Large wood carved doors and woodwork throughout the home
  • Higher than average vaulted ceilings and large bright rooms
  • Large open floor plans with distinct room entrances and private quarters
  • Stone flooring that seamlessly flows between the interior and exterior
  • Measured use of cement and stucco throughout the home
  • Outdoor relaxation areas that feature pergolas and gazebos

Neo-Mediterranean interiors feature large open floor plans that function like and somewhat resemble a traditional Ranch style home. Ceilings are typically vaulted and higher than average which helps manage heat in warmer climates. The sleeping quarters and living spaces are well separated and create greater privacy than a centralized floor plan. Room entrances accentuate the importance and purpose of each living area. 

Natural materials are used to construct the home and connect the home to the environment. State of the art appliances and modern amenities are blended with the beauty of old world hand craftsmanship. The home may feature the use of wrought iron materials both inside and out of the home. Floors and walkways usually are made of natural stone materials which create a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor areas.

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